1 day Workshops

dog jumping up

Workshop: Stop Jumping!


Have you been contemplating if your dog may actually have some kangaroo DNA? Does it seem like your dog has springs in their legs? You’re not alone. Jumping up is one of the most common problems dog owners face. Take our 45-minute workshop to learn a simple force-free method to eradicate this problem behavior. Limited spaces are available.

dog learning crate training

Workshop: Crate Training


A crate can become your dog’s own little sanctuary. It can be a key tool to mastering house training. It can keep your dog and your house out of harms way when you’re not able to supervise. But, how do you get your dog to love their crate, or even tolerate it? Take our 45-minute workshop to learn exactly how through fun games and techniques. Limited spaces are available.

dogs not pulling on leash

Workshop: Stop Pulling!


Are your walks more exhausting for you than your dog? Take our 45-minute workshop to learn why dogs pull on walks and what you can do about it. Learn the best equipment to use for dogs who pull on walks, and which equipment to avoid. We will teach you the skills needed to obtain a loose-leash while walking. Limited spaces are available.

dog learning mat training

Workshop: Mat Training


Is your dog under foot in the kitchen or greeting your guests at the door? Maybe they’re sitting right in front of your friend that doesn’t really like dogs. Learn how to teach your dog to go to a designated mat, dog bed, towel, or blanket in our 45-minute workshop. This will be a spot they learn to love being in and they can learn to go there on cue. Limited spaces are available.

Golden Retriever

Workshop: Rocket Recall


"Come, Come, Come!" Is this familiar to both you and your dog? In our Rocket Recall workshop we work on only having to give the "come" cue once, resulting in your dog happily bolting back to you. We will start off inside with as few distractions as possible. Then, once ready, we'll move outside if the weather permits. We'll teach you how to be the party your dog wants to be a part of.  You'll learn the steps to teach your dog to choose you over sniffing the flowers. This 45 minute workshop can be a game changer for you and your dog's outdoor relationship. Limited spaces are available.